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7 Reasons To Use Water For Healing

Call it Water Therapy, Aquatic Therapy,  Hydrotherapy, Watsu (water shiatsu), Ai Chi, or Bad Ragaz Ring Method…  no matter what you call it aquatic therapy is the perfect medium for healing.

Basically it’s therapy performed in a body of water.   The resistance and buoyancy of the water allows for faster rehabilitation and there is less stress placed on the joints.

Here are seven reasons why water therapy should be considered…

  1. Water supports your body
  2. Improves flexibility, balance, & coordination
  3. Increases blood circulation
  4. Decreases swelling
  5. Reduces muscle aches & relieves arthritis
  6. Improves muscle tone and strength
  7. Reduces stress, anxiety, and tension

While most aquatic therapy is performed in warm water, cold water therapy is also used for healing.  Water therapy is used extensively for healing many types of ailments.  Anyone from a professional athlete to a sick, elderly grandparent can use the water for healing.  You only have to slip into the water to begin to feel the healing effects.

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Water for Health

I’ve always been a big water drinker and it’s rare to see me without my water bottle.  But I had no idea of all of the problems that can be caused by not drinking enough water. Dehydration has been proven to create all kinds of issues in your body.   If you are not drinking enough water your body will respond.  It could be in the form of allergies, constipation, depression, heartburn, or any number of other ways.


Dr. Batmanghelidj performed 1000’s of tests to prove this theory and wrote a series of books on the subject called ‘You’re not sick you’re thirsty’. If you wait until your mouth is dry to drink then your body has already reached a dehydration point.  You can always tell by the color of your urine if you are drinking enough water. Drinking more water will alleviate many of your bodies ailments.

Listen to your body and practice drinking more water today!  Cheers.

You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty Book Series


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Cold Water Therapy

There is a lot being said about cold water therapy.  It can be in the form of a polar plunge, a cold shower, pouring cold water over your body, an ice bath, or using ice packs.  No matter how you use it cold water it can be very therapeutic for sore muscles.  It’s a wonderful way to reduce swelling and decrease lactic acids thus improving and speeding up the healing process.

A dear friend and student of mine used to swear by his cold showers.  After a water aerobics workout he would take a hot shower followed by a cold one.  He said he would have it as cold as it could be and as long as he could stand it.  In my young naivety I thought he was crazy.  That is until I tried it.  He was absolutely on target.  It is truly invigorating.  It closes the open pores and it actually make my body feel warmer than when ending with a hot shower.  Now I end all my regular showers with a cold shower.

The cold water is stimulating and aids in blood flow.  The increased circulation of blood is what your body needs for healing.  Many athletes use ice baths to stimulate muscle cell activity and help to repair damage.  Studies have shown that cold showers can strengthen your immune system, reduces toxins in your body, and increases your metabolism.

If you are new to cold water therapy you may want to take it slowly.  Cold water therapy is not for everyone so be sure to check with your doctor.

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Water Aerobics Fun In Fitness

I came across this article and it sounded like something I’d like to share with you all.  I worked with people for 16 years doing water aerobics.  It’s a fun way to get a great work out.  You can make it as hard or as easy as you like.  The age range in my classes was from 19 to 90.  I’ve instructed pregnant women, ballerinas, and football players.  The benefits are many.  So jump into the nearest swimming pool and enjoy…

Get Your Motor Running With Water Aerobics


If your goal is better fitness training, then you might consider adding water aerobics workouts into your schedule. The benefits of water aerobics are numerous, and all that is needed is the use of a pool to get started. If you are lucky enough to have your own pool, then there are different types of water aerobics to do at home as well. Soon you will find it easy to learn how to make water aerobics fun and a great way to get and stay in shape.

The Benefits of Water Aerobics

Because there is no undue force or strain on your muscles when doing water exercise workouts, your entire body is toned with low-impact activity. This makes it a better fitness training sport for most people than many high impact exercises such as running. The water creates a natural resistance which is easy on your knees, joints, ankles and back. If you are trying to lose weight, one of the wonderful benefits of water exercise workouts is that you can expect to burn as many calories as you would while jogging.

How to Make Water Activities Fun

If you are a beginner at water exercise workouts, it may be a challenge to figure out how to make water aerobics fun. There are exercises like jogging in place and crunches you can do, but try challenging yourself by picking your legs up higher in the water. Alternating a set of crunches with a minute of jogging will get your core muscles involved and will allow for better fitness training overall. Incorporating ‘noodles’ into your activity will add variety. Advanced swimmers looking for more difficult water exercise workouts, may try treading water in the deep end of the pool. Alternating with other exercises like ‘bobbing’ will make your workouts fun. You can also find out how to make water aerobics fun by asking a friend to join you in the pool.

Water Aerobics to do at Home

Many people start their training by enrolling in a formal class. That’s a good way to learn the basics and master the fundamentals of water exercise, but it is not necessary. If you have the convenience of a pool at home, then you will find it easy to develop your own routines of water exercise to do at home. Make sure to change your workouts and add new exercises to keep your motivation strong.

If you’d like to learn more about Better Fitness Training, please visit http://www.betterfitnesstraining.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6836051

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Options

How do you disinfect the Water in your Swimming Pool?

Chlorine – A greenish-yellow, poisonous, gaseous element with a suffocating odor, widely used as a disinfectant. Chlorine is toxic and will burn your eyes, irritate your skin and damage hair.

Bromine – A dark reddish-brown fuming element with a suffocating odor. The Provincial Board of Health of Alberta banned the use of Bromine as a disinfectant in public spas because 95% of the spa-related skin irritations came from spas using Bromine.

Ozone – An unstable form of oxygen with a pungent odor. Commonly found as a gas which dissipates into the air very quickly. Ozone is fast acting but leaves no sanitation in the water to combat bacteria and algae growth. Ozone only reduces the amount of chlorine or whatever type of disinfectant you use.  It will dissolve rubber washers in pumps, filters and pool fixtures resulting in leaks and costly repairs.

Salt Water Devices – Salt is comprised of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. Devices that utilize salt to create a chemical reaction which actually manufactures chlorine in your pool. Sodium Hypochlorite Chlorine is the most dangerous disinfectant you can use.

Hydrogen Peroxide – These products are non-toxic and not unhealthy but neither are they healthy. Hydrogen peroxide is by far the most expensive and frustrating way to disinfect your pool especially when you have to shock.

Copper Ionization – Developed by NASA, it is the least expensive of all disinfecting methods and the only method that produces healthy pool water. It is the easiest of all disinfecting methods to maintain and monitor.

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Healthy Water – Your Choice

You all know the importance of keeping clean water.  There are a few choices when it comes to disinfecting your pool.  Of these options there is only one however that can state that is has healthy side effects.   Read this article and make the choice that’s best for you, your family, your friends, and of course the environment.


Healthy Swimming Pool Water is Your Choice

By Co-Author: Jerry Rogers

CHOICES: It is probably safe to say that not one of every one hundred pool owners understand their pool equipment, their pool water, how and what to test for, and about the different disinfectants that are available to use with their pool. It takes on a short study period to learn about pH, acid demand, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and clarity.

Remember everything in nature is going against the pool owner and must be considered when maintaining the pool water. Heat accelerates loss of chlorine and promotes algae growth. Wind carries new algae spores and debris into the pool. Sun increases evaporation and reduces the effectiveness of chlorination. Evaporation causes t build-up of scale on pool tile and deposits a residue of solids below the waterline. Rain introduces additional algae and other pollutants. Bather Use increases the demand for disinfection.

This article will briefly cover the choices you have for your pool water disinfectant.

SKIN ADSORPTION: The swimmer should consider skin adsorption when choosing the pool disinfectant. I’ve often heard comments that excessive swimming or bathing will dry out the skin. Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

Your skin, in contact with the water, absorbs water rather then drying out. It’s the chemical contaminants, chiefly chlorine, which because of their oxidizing or bleaching ability cause loss of body oils and dry, irritated skin.

The skin is probably the primary route of human exposure to water pollutants. The American Journal of Public Health states that a minimum of 83 percent and possibly 91 percent of the chemicals entering the body came through the skin

Without an adequate disinfectant, algae, viruses, fungi, and other micro-organisms can originate, grow exponentially, and infest the average pool in less than one hour. Believe- it-or-not algae can double itself, in a poorly managed pool, every four to five hours and bacteria can double itself ever four to five minutes. It’s a scientific fact that one e-coli micro-organism can multiply into twenty trillion e-coli micro-organisms in twenty four hours. Believe-it-or-not! Diseases too numerous to mention affecting the ears, eyes, nose, throat, skin and internal organs are often spread from one person to another in swimming pools.

CHLORINE: A greenish-yellow, poisonous, gaseous element with a suffocating odor, widely used as a disinfectant. Chlorine is toxic and will burn your eyes, irritate your skin and damage hair. When chlorine combines with an organic spore such as skin, sweat or even a leaf spore it forms trihalomethanes that are twenty one times more carcinogic than is the chlorine itself.

BROMINE: A dark reddish-brown fuming element with a suffocating odor. A chemical which reacts like chlorine but is not as abrasive to humans. The Provincial Board of Health of Alberta banned the use of Bromine as a disinfectant in public spas because 95 percent of the spa related skin irritations came from spas using Bromine.

OZONE: An unstable form of oxygen with a pungent odor. Commonly found as a gas which dissipates into the air very quickly. Ozone is fast acting but leaves no sanitation residual in the water to combat bacteria and algae growth. It must be used with another disinfectant therefore it only reduces the amount of disinfectant used. It will dissolve rubber washers in pumps, filters and pool fixtures resulting in leaks and costly repairs.

SALT WATER DEVICES; Salt is 40 percent sodium and 60 percent chloride. Devices that utilize salt create a chemical reaction which actually manufactures chlorine in your pool. The chlorine then produces the same reactions that chlorine bought in stores does. Sodium hypochlorite chlorine is more abrasive to humans and pool equipment than the calcium hypochlorite that is bought in stores. As you already know sodium is hypertensive.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: The products are non-toxic and not unhealthy but neither are they healthy. Hydrogen peroxide is by far the most expensive way to disinfect your pool especially when you have to shock. It is also harder to manage.

ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT: Is effective killing bacteria in clear water but like ozone it only reduces the need for a disinfectant. It leaves no residual in the water by itself.

COPPER IONIZATION: The only disinfectant that makes your water healthy. Copper has 19 health benefits among them is heart health, blood pressure, bone development, nerve development, cancer prevention, and the propagation of oxygen through out the blood system. No other disinfectant has even one health benefit. There is no need for chlorine, shock, algaecides or cyanuric acid stabilizer. Copper ionization is the least expensive and requires less time to maintain and monitor than other disinfectants.

Now hopefully you have been able to compare and make an intelligent decision on what
disinfectant you want to use. But by all means use one or the other as the consequences of a pool without disinfection is much more dangerous. The expense of your disinfectant is small compared to those consequences.

About the Author Jerry Rogers is the President and Founder of Intec America Corporation. Intec America Corporation specializes in the treatment of residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial water. More information on this company can be found at  http://www.Intec-America.com

Jerry Rogers, President
Intec America Corporation

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steve_McCune

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Pool Maintenance – Chlorination?

Once upon a time chlorine was used sanitize swimming pools.  A century ago it was the absolute best method for cleaning pool water, making it sanitary enough for public use.  Remember that?  Fortunately you know now that the chemicals once used for cleaning water are bad for your health.  Chlorine has even proven to be carcinogenic.  The chemicals irritate your skin, are hard on your clothing, erode pool liners, create thyroid issues, and trigger asthma and other lung problems.   Thank goodness we are out of that era.


Oh right, harsh chemicals are still being used today.

Why?!?!?!?!?  When there is a healthy alternative?

Today there’s an easy, inexpensive, and healthy way to sanitize your pool water.  It’s called copper ionization.  It’s the only method of having truly healthy water.   You’ve read a lot of articles about the benefits of drinking ionized water but did you know that it’s also healthy to immerse yourself in.  If you have a hot tub or a pool it’s time to switch to a healthier alternative.

In the early 1990’s chlorine was almost banned.  However the chemical companies lobbied against the proposal and prevailed in the continued use of chlorine for pools.   One day the proposal will pass and pools will no longer use chlorine.  Get ahead of the curve and make your pool healthy today.

Copper ionization is not only a disinfectant it’s also has beneficial side effects.  It is an essential nutritional requirement for heart health, blood pressure, cancer prevention, and nerve and bone development.  There are actually 19 documented health benefits of using copper ionization.

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A Child’s Inspiring Aquatic Therapy Journey

Six-year-old Anna suffers from arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Due to multiple joint contractures present at birth, her joints are different in structure from healthy joints. Her doctor suggested aquatic therapy to help continue her therapy progress.  Through the use of pool therapy, Anna’s increased mobility and strength have greatly improved her quality of life. Watch as physical therapist Lynn Grabe of Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, MN details Anna’s journey in the video on the right.

This innovative technology benefiting Anna has been proven to enhance patient’s outcomes and increase ROI for physical therapy clinics. Eric Tarr, 500 Series pool owner and OCS President of Generations Physical Therapy shares his success below.

“Due in large part to the HydroWorx 500 [series], this has been our fastest growing clinic yet.  It was a great decision.”

— Eric Tarr, OCS President, Generation Physical Therapy, Barboursville, WV

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Motivation To Exercise

Are you ready to exercise but you just can’t seem to take that first step?  Do you  know you should start an exercise program but you just don’t have the energy, time, or motivation?

If you can relate then you can use a technique called hypnosis to naturally motivate you to action.  Natural Hypnosis has never been more popular.

Hypnosis provides a way to establish lasting change naturally.  It’s a method of  gaining access to your mind and reprogramming  your limiting and negative beliefs, a tool you can use to get motivated and change your life for the better.

HypnoMotivationsis is a simple tool really, and is often way over mystified. All it really does is put yyou into a focused state of heightened awareness, where you can be fed positive suggestions which you will accept without resistance.

It is because of this that you can make changes more naturally – as your logical, conscious, and often negative mind lets it’s guard down, and so you can make changes on a deeper level.

There are 2 ways in which all hypnotherapy works:

Firstly, to help you to re-shape your patterns of thinking.

This may differ depending on what area you are pursuing, such as Motivation To Exercise or weight loss for instance.

Hypnotherapy would examine how you think about healthy eating, dieting exercise, or meeting new people, socializing etc.   Tap into how your mind reacts when you think about working out, or enjoying healthy food, or how you feel when you think about having to meet a new group of people.

It basically exchanges your damaging patterns of thinking, for good ones – for example, if you see exercising and healthy eating as a drag, it would re-shape your mindset to start to enjoy exercising, and to picture all of the great things about healthy food. Or if you worry about social situations, then it would instill within you beneficial patterns of thinking in this area – so you start to look forward to socializing, and make use of a way of thinking where you prefer meeting and learning new things about completely new individuals.

This is where the change starts. However, the next element is essential for greater, and authentic, long lasting change:

The 2nd element is that hypnotherapy changes your beliefs on a deep level

For example, it will identify the beliefs which are stopping you moving forward towards real change. It will make you more positive, more confident, and ensure that you truly feel like you actually will change, like you can improve yourself and most importantly, that you DESERVE change.

Once you have these primary self beliefs, this natural self assurance, and belief in yourself, then real, lasting change will be possible.

Experience hypnosis for yourself – download  Motivation to Exercise with Hypnosis

This will give you real experience yourself, completely risk free – these albums are safe and natural, and most importantly they are professional quality hypnosis mp3s which everyone can use and get benefit from!

Try hypnosis for yourself with 3 free hypnosis mp3s from Natural Hypnosis

Then you can enjoy getting back in the water and splash your way to better health.

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The Benefits of Buoyancy

What is buoyancy?

Buoyancy was a concept developed by Archimedes which is now known as the Archimedes principle.  It states that a body is buoyed up by the force equal to the weight of the displaced water.

Buoyancy = weight of displaced fluid

BuoysThat displacement depends on body size, shape, impact, alignment, coordination, the type and degrees of muscular contractions, the density of the water, and the speed of movement.

A body submerged to the neck weighs approximately 90% less in water than on land however this exact weight depends on body type and composition.   Therefore when you are immersed in water, you feel so much lighter so you have to adjust using balance and coordination.

The reduced effect of gravity also decreases downward stress on your joints and connective tissues which allows you to work out in water for a longer duration than you can on land.  It is also thought that the decreased gravitational pull and effects of hydrostatic pressure against the body may assist with circulation of your blood.

Some people move like a barge.  Some people move like a sailboat.  The larger the surface area is in a person, the more resistance and drag will occur.   Buoyancy can also be related to the amount of body fat one carries, however, there are some obese individuals that can sink as well as very small framed persons that float with ease.

You can use buoyancy gear to assist you in obtaining a suspended position for water aerobics.  The flotation  devices should be positioned correctly on your body and should not be overly buoyant so that you remain in a vertical position.   There are many types of buoyancy gear including hand buoys, waist belts, ankle buoys, and arm buoys.

Hand buoys are the simplest to use since they are held instead of worn.  Care should be taken when using hand buoys for extended periods.  To protect your shoulders and joints change your positions frequently.

Basically you float because you have air in your lungs.  Since air is lighter than water it will displace the water.  Try using buoyant equipment in your next water aerobics class.  Be safe and have fun in the water.

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